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Global Aspire Solutions are more than just products and services; We provide solutions that enable our customers to harness the power of technology. We design, engineer, build, and service your total infrastructure.

Pioneers in Total ICT Solution

  • Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions / FireWalls
  • Infrastructure and Networking Solution
    • Total Cabling Solution (Fiber-optic / CAT6)
  • IP Services and Solutions
    • Access Control & CCTV Systems
    • IP Telephony
    • Conference Room Audio Visual Systems
  • ICT Professional Services
    • Application Consulting services
    • Infrastructure Consulting Services
    • ERP support and service
    • Salesforce CRM Practice
    • Annual Maintenance contract

Delivering Solutions that Makes a Difference

With every Global Aspire Solution comes a close partnership with our customers. It's all driven by our understanding of our customers, their unique requirements, and their trust in Global Aspire’ uncompromising excellence at building high-performance, custom- designed IT solutions for their businesses.


We provide design service through specialized engineers, designers, and draft-men who are highly trained and skilled with international experience and supported by Technology partners. GLOBAL ASPIRE is geared towards handling SMB and Large Enterprise projects, and is equipped to meet all type of challenges in terms of tight timeframe, state-of- the-art systems, and other factors within allocated budget.

Systems Integration

Systems integration boosts efficiency and increased delivery value for clients and their customers. Using a single IP-based network radically streamlines planning, installation and operation of all services needed to run a modern development. A unified system entails that clients are no longer reliant on different contractors with different schedules.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide for a scalable, easy to manage solution to providing business management and information accessibility for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the problem of providing information to clients both externally and internally.

Infrastructure and Networking Solutions

We work with our customers to understand their specific needs and goals and then build up the network infrastructure as well as the total solutions. With the successful track record in designing local and wide-area networking solutions, we provide data networking building blocks like routing and switching, network-ing standards.

Integrated CCTV System & Access Control

Our unique multi-vendor experience in CCTV and access control systems allow you to cost-effectively protect your business and property. We can design, install, and maintain CCTV and access control systems customized for your business’s unique needs and environment. We are your best Operations and Maintenance Support service provider. We render both superior hardware and software support.

IP Telephony

We can design, install, and maintain IP Telephony system our customized solutions for your business’s unique multi location environment. We are your best Operations and Maintenance Support service provider. Our multi-vendor cost effective solution covers all type of client base from SME to Major. We render both superior hardware and software support.

Conference Room Audio Visual Systems

Our experience in setting up conference room/auditorium We have years of AV design and installation experience and have provided solutions to web/remote business meetings. In order to provide you with the right solution we arrive early in the designing stage to better understand your needs, space, and your budget.

ICT Professional Services

Our back-office support for various talent and expertise in ICT professionals is our strength, our mis-sion to promote the highest ICT professional services aligned with ICT standards and provide solu-tions to organizations pursuing excellence and to be aligned with business strategy. Our vision to be the partner of choice to organizations seeking excellence in the Gulf and Middle East. Our years of experi-ence in mobilizing IT Professionals in the region is unique.

Professional Service offerings are but not limited to:

  • IP Securities Service (Firewall configuration and Support)
  • Server / Systems Management / Network (WAN & LAN) Management
  • Application Support / Database Management
  • Salesforce CRM Practice
  • Mail Management / Active Directory support / Domain Support
  • Telecom & Telecon Management
  • Data Centers and Management
  • Access Control / CCTV / Conference Room.

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  • 3, Carisbrooke Gardens, Leicester, LE2 3PR, England, UK
  • +44 (0)116 216 6128
  • sales@globalaspire.com